Abeja District Condos

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Something Beautiful

An aerial view of Barcelonaís city blocks reveals intricate and beautiful shapes that, once they have come together, are reminiscent of the honeycombs in a beehive. Inspired by Barcelonaís beautiful neighbourhoods and the way they are formed, Abeja District was created. The name was chosen to inspire the community we are building. Bees are strong and mighty creatures who can thrive alone, but when they come together as one, are more powerful than anyone could imagine.

Unity in the Unique

The buzzing neighbourhood around Jane Street and Rutherford Road, the site of Abeja District, is a bold and vibrant swarm of life and activity. Just around the corner from Vaughan Mills, the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, and Highway 400, everything you need is within armís reach. Just minutes away from the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and TTC station, the GTA really is on the doorstep of this new community.

Abeja District is more than just a collection of live work buildings. Itís more than a new home, more than just a cultural hub. Abeja District is the idea of a community coming together to create something beautiful. This is unity in the unique.


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