300 Bloor St West Condos

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Welcome to 300 Bloor St West Condos. An informative hub connecting the community, the city, the congregation, and the partners on this innovative project.

In July† 2019, our development application for 300 Bloor St West Condos was considered and approved at Torontoís City Council. This approval represents a very important milestone in the process for the Bloor Street United Church, the project team, City Staff, the Councilor and the many dedicated community members who helped shape the projectís ultimate design. Through this website, we invite you to learn more about this unique project, how it has evolved over the past couple of years, and what is next.

Moreover 300 Bloor Street West is an important opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents throughout the neighborhood.† A commitment to preserving and integrating existing heritage architecture with contemporary design. Itís a promise to continue the tradition of inclusiveness engrained in the Bloor Street United Church and the Annex. Additionally Itís an invitation to collaborate, to break down barriers and to reconsider how people experience community and home.

Your ideas matter

We believe that collaboration is the key to making this community socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable for both itís residents as well as the Annex neighborhood as a whole. Please share your comments with us and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

A Strong Relationship with the Local Community

Moreover We value our relationship with the local community. 300 Bloor Street West enhances everyoneís experience of the site. Moreover we believe that a diversity of opinions and ideas will lead to a stronger development, and we invite everyone to have their voice heard.

Heritage Preservation

Heritage preservation is an important initiative for the City of Toronto and, to support that initiative, we enlisted the help of heritage consultants ERA Architects to preserve the architectural tradition of the site and ensure the character of the existing building remains unchanged.

Environmental Sustainability

Plans for 300 Bloor Street West incorporate sustainable practices that protect the environment. Moreover the building will be engineered to be as energy-efficient and ecological as possible.


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