King Hill Homes is a new townhouse and semi-detached development by Zonix Group. Moreover, Prices estimated to be starting from $900,000 and will feature 10 units. King Hill Homes will be nearby Oak Ridges Meadows Park and Richmond Hill GO Station. Furthermore, this townhouse and single-family house is located on 356 King Road in Richmond Hill.

Projcts Overview:

In addition, With an increased demand for living options in the GTA. This peaceful area will be the home of a new development project and will offer 6 modern attached single houses, as well as 4 townhomes with private visitor parking. Conveniently situated at a short distance from Yonge Street, residents will enjoy a hassle-free commute via the nearby arterial route to access amenities at the neighbouring plazas for running errands and the like. The King Road residential area is currently in the process of making adaptations to accommodate this project.

Zonix Group’s this is a new townhouse and semi-detached development. Prices start at $900,000, with a total of 10 apartments available. This will be located on 356 King Road in Richmond Hill, close to Oak Ridges Meadows Park and the Richmond Hill GO Station. It is expected to be completed in 2021.


Zonix Group has built a brand new townhouse and single-family home property called King Hill Homes. This development feature is ten three-story residences. At 56 King Rd, Richmond Hill, ON, This is now under development.  Summer 2022 is expected to finish.

In Richmond Hill, King Hill Residences will include six single-family homes and four townhouse apartments. Homes will be available in a variety of sizes, ranging from two to three bedrooms. King Hill Houses will contain contemporary single homes as well as villages in a serene setting. Residents will enjoy a hassle-free travel along the nearest arterial road to amenities at adjacent plazas for shopping, doing errands, and the like, which are conveniently located near Yonge St.

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