Rossmont Green Phase 2 is a new development preconstruction in Whitby. Rossmont Green Phase 2 is located in the town of Whitby in Durham Region, two 5-story mixed-use, buildings, commercial areas, and a day-care center. The condos ranging from one bedroom to two bedrooms. Rossmont Green Phase 2 stands out in this up-and-coming neighborhood. Amenities include Live/work units, private parking, fitness suite, and social spaces.

So the design of the building is guided latest environmental building science and technology. Passive House Building Standards focus on the two main causes of climate change – excessive energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Talk about living your best life. So you wake up every day knowing that even while you are sleeping, you are making a difference. Your home is planet positive – So good for your health, your soul, and your planet.

Better yet, you are achieving Eco-Joy, without sacrificing luxurious design or feeling guilty about enjoying the comforts of home. No composting toilets, and no need to live in a Nepalese yurt to escape the toxic emissions. So dwelling is constructed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum emissions.

Rossmont Green Phase 2 ECO-CONSCIOUS

Rossmont Green Phase 2 has built to achieve Passive House Standard. And setting a high bar in standards of eco-conscious construction. So this creates a building that is not only highly energy-efficient- saving. Because you from high energy bills and offers better indoor air quality.

Additional features such as large triple panned windows also allowing for more natural light and who doesn’t want that? With no uptick in thermal change, and 18” densely insulated exterior walls mean better heat/cooling retention and less noise pollution.

Bottom line, buying a home built to a Passive House standard will save you coin in your pocket day-to-day, and also increase your resale value if you decide to sell.
Aiming to achieve Passive House certification, Rossmont Green is setting a new bar for eco-conscious design and construction, a pioneering large-scale condo development in the GTA.

Situated near central Whitby, Rossmont Green is within walking distance to top-rated schools, parks, and hiking trails. Boutique shops, outdoor malls, community, and medical centers are a 10-minute drive away and access to transit, Whitby GO and Highways 401, 412, and the 407 are all around the corner.

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