About Connolly Condos Development

Connolly Condos, new construction by Hue Developments and LCH Developments, is located at 98 James Street South in Hamilton, Ontario. The property will have a 30-story skyscraper that will house 315 condominium units.

The 150-year-old James Street Baptist Church front is being transformed into the Connolly Condos in a contemporary style. The condos will include a large room for amenities, which will add to the appeal of living. Additionally, the parking space will provide residents with extra convenience.

Furthermore, because Hamilton is one of Ontario’s pioneer cities, the adjacent facilities are perfect for producing a good living. The project’s outstanding beauty and architecture have attracted a lot of investors.

Features and Amenities

In addition, the business will serve as a heritage consultant for the property. As a result, the interior design of these gorgeous condos is rich, sophisticated, and one-of-a-kind. The overall aesthetics of the project are simply stunning. The façade is stunning and adds a sense of wealth and grandeur to the condos’ overall design.

The two-story entrance features exquisite wood accents as well as sophisticated porcelain. The lobby represents the Church’s aesthetics and so improves the project’s appeal. The most popular element of the Connolly Condos is a rose window, which is 30 feet tall and thus a big part of its charm. There is a stained-glass window that is both lovely and subdued.

In addition, a 7000-square-foot amenity space is planned for the units. There is currently little information available regarding the upcoming apartment complex. However, it is known that the building would include a fantastic gym for residents who enjoy working out. A big co-working space, an entertainment and games lounge, a solarium, and an open terrace for relaxing are among the various attractions.

On the ground floor, as well as the project’s outdoor patio, there will be commercial outlets. Good eateries in the city are more likely to occupy these places. Also in the works is an automatic parking spot, which will aid in maximising parking in constrained spaces.

Location and Neighbourhood

The Connolly Condos’ neighbourhood has a superb walk score of 98 out of 100.  Grocery stores, drug stores, banks, schools, and other commercial venues are all within walking distance of the condos. Furthermore, on the bottom floor of the condos, there is a fantastic commercial area in the works.

There is beauty and convenience both inside and outside the project development area. As a result, living in the Connolly Condos will be a fantastic experience for the occupants. Gore Park is one of the parks near these opulent condos. Additionally, homeowners will have access to over 180 restaurants within a 15-minute walking radius!

Accessibility and Highlights

Public transportation is available. Residents of the condos in the area have a variety of commute options because the development is located in the centre of Hamilton. People will be able to walk 4 minutes from the Connolly Condos to the Lakeshore Est Train at the Hamilton GO Station. In addition, the development is close to McMaster University.


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