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Toronto Real Estate Market Analysis for 2021

There are plenty of new development Pre-construction projects within the GTA. When it comes to the current condo market in downtown Toronto between available units and renters there is an imbalance. Therefore as an investor in order to purchase a resale condo as an investment and to rent out that unit one would not get the most value. When it comes to freehold homes, we see that some properties have upwards of fifty offers. Hence at this time, the preconstruction market for condos is a better value. With an expected influx of immigration and international students, condo markets will surely have a demand in the future. Therefore it is more profitable to buy a pre-construction condo now, as you will be buying as a future investment. One can also avoid the current hassles which come along with purchasing a resale freehold homes. We believe that 2021 is the year for preconstruction projects.