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83 Elmsdale Dr is a new development preconstruction in Kitchener. Condo development by JD Development Group and Downing Street Group. Located at 83 Elmsdale Drive, Kitchener, ON.

JD Development Group and The Downing Street Group and are pleased to announce the acquisition of 2.36 acres of development land, to be improved with a residential development consisting of two mid-rise condominium buildings consisting of 254 units. These development lands are located in the Laurentian Commons community in Kitchener, Ontario.

About Builder

JD Development Group represents quality design, innovative processes, and long-term value. With partners, investors, and also residents in mind. Because we strategically convert desirable locations with high, untapped potential into thriving student, residential, mixed-use, and also commercial developments.

It began with investing in tomorrow. Initially, we served the needs of students from around the world, providing them with condominium-style living experiences at affordable prices. Then, the idea extended, strengthened, and also embraced the principle of lifetime value. Today, we add to our portfolio of student residences by creating high-quality and also innovative. Residential developments: condominiums, homes, communities in which families, generations, live.

The Downing Street Group