One of the last neighbourhoods in the city to change from a working-class area to a community on the move is this one, where Irish immigrants first settled more than a century ago. It has taken some time for newcomers to be drawn, despite its famous location at the base of the escarpment, but it is now just as popular as any other hot place. Growing developer presence combines the new with the established to build a strong community.


Here, people actually do live. Due in large part to neighbourhood associations reclaiming their community via events and activities that attract positive influences and visitors, there are schools, paths, and a sense of safety. It takes only a short stroll to get the kids to school, one of the nearby parks, the rail path, the GO, or downtown.

The Feel

Today’s Corktown is characterised by its emphasis on work, play, and dining. It has been picked up and dusted off by those looking for city living and creating it themselves, and is no longer a worn-out collection of streets that have seen better days. There are numerous places to eat or get a meal and a beverage when work is done at home. It has a high walkability rating and is bikeable as well.

In the Region

Corktown offers the best of both worlds: nightlife and a place to live in a neighbourhood that reflects the styles and trends of city living. It is not quite downtown, but it is close enough. For those travelling to the GTA, the Hamilton GO Station’s Art Deco design is perfect. St. Joseph’s Hospital, a number of schools, and a recreation centre are all nearby. There are also several pubs and some of the top restaurants in the city.

Automobiles, Trains, and Planes

Traffic is frequently constrained by the area’s narrow streets, dead ends, and CN tracks. For regular bus service, the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) follows major thoroughfares. For people who require accessible transportation, there is also DARTS service. The Wellington entrance up the escarpment or into downtown is just a few minutes away from Corktown.

Good, Bad, and Everything Else

High rents and housing prices are a result of gentrification. To increase the demand for the region, century row houses from a few decades ago have been modernised and converted into businesses and offices. It has traditionally been an affordable place for small and independent businesses because of its close proximity to downtown. Small houses are selling at affordable prices and receiving numerous updates and upgrades.

Money & Sense

After all said and done, Corktown is still a livable neighbourhood for people who can fulfil their needs at nearby businesses and shops. Moreover, Everyone, from Millennials and Gen Xers to Baby Boomers, can eat out, visit a coffee shop, and buy necessities without going broke. Furthermore, Variety is important and accessible on nearby streets. Like everything else in the city, housing costs are rising.

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