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Courcelette Condo is a new development preconstruction in Toronto. Courcelette Condo is a condo development by Windmill Development Group Ltd. Located at 1161 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON. RAW Design Architect Courcelette. Courcelette Construction Sales Start at Fall/Winter 2021. Condo construction Status is pre-construction. Prices for Available Units Starting From the mid $600,000’s.

Green By Nature. Local By Intent. 56 Boutique Condo Residences Coming Soon to Kingston Road and Courcelette. Starting From The Mid $600’s. Courcelette Condo has a total of 56 units and 8 Stories

Courcelette Condo

Local living. Where past and future combine to create a walkable, livable, and also engaging Toronto neighborhood. In the heart of it all is Courcelette; an 8-story building on Kingston Road and its namesake street. With bright and spacious suites, because of the outdoor Social Kitchen, expansive terraces, and also eco-conscious design, Courcelette condos are where la belle vie finds its roots. Because its connection – and its home.

56 Boutique Condo Residences Coming Soon to Kingston Road and Courcelette in Toronto’s Upper Beach.

Windmill Development Group (“Windmill”) is a visionary company dedicated to transforming conventional development practices and using a triple bottom line approach of the projects. This ensures that strong ecological, social, and also financial returns are achieved in all of the projects. But everything that we do is conceived, designed, and also constructed to protect and enhance the local community and its ecosystems. Because we have harness innovations in land use, water, air, energy, design, and also waste management. And also the smart building technologies to create healthy, high-performance green buildings and also the communities.

Learn what makes Windmill unique in the development world, what values drive our team. And why our partners and clients choose Canada’s Greenest Developer. Beyond our green initiatives. Also, we explore the company’s world-class reputation for being a rigorous and but also holistic driving force in sustainable real estate.

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    Starting From$600000

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