Hickory Tree Tower

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Hickory Tree Tower is a new development preconstruction in Toronto. Hickory Tree Tower condo development by A1 Developments. Located at 1746 Weston Road, Toronto, ON.

Hickory Tree Tower is a 25-story residential/retail building that will fit harmoniously within the existing context of tall buildings along the Weston Road corridor in Toronto. The development site is steps from Union-Pearson train station and a short 14-minute train ride to the downtown core. The Weston Road corridor is recognized by the City of Toronto as a potential location for residential intensification.

About Builder

At A1 Development, we prioritize results while planning, managing, and also executing high-value development and also construction projects with unparalleled efficiency.

We pride ourselves on making blueprints and the mockups a reality. But the meeting and also exceeding resident expectations with scrupulous attention to detail.

We build sleek, modern homes in prime locations. Every step of the way, as well as, we seek out opportunities to deliver a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and also likewise convenient living experience for residents.

Upon completion, our highly sought-after communities provide pristine amenities that offer elevated living experiences. But the results that we generate are a testament to our efficiency and also our commitment to quality.

Residential Construction

By working hand-in-hand with our suppliers and contractors. We provide precise estimates, accurate timelines, and also reliable project forecasts.

Each community that we build offers unmatched luxury to residents. Our goal is to build homes that feature a unique blend of architectural appeal with interior prestige. Because comfort and convenience are at the top of our priority list. But our residents live in timeless style where every detail counts.


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