Marquis Modern Towns

Starting from$500000


Proudly Introducing Marquis Modern Towns, urban townhome living



Discover Dynamic Modern Townhome Living in thriving Guelph

  • Located across from Riverside Park
  • Many hiking and biking trails to explore nearby
  • All amenities within a short drive

For individuals who value contemporary design and convenience, Marquis Modern Towns provide a modern and vibrant living environment. Here are some characteristics and advantages you might anticipate: Modern and attractive architecture, roomy and practical designs, a handy location, and energy-saving features. In conclusion, Marquis Modern Towns provide an interesting and distinctive living environment that is ideal for anyone who want to experience the finest of contemporary living in a vibrant and dynamic city like Guelph.

Riverside Park is a lovely park with walking trails, picnic spots, playgrounds, and sports facilities that is directly across from Marquis Modern Towns. It’s a terrific location for recreation, physical activity, and socialising with loved ones.

This is conveniently located near all the services you require, including dining, shopping, and entertainment. The Stone Road Mall, which has more than 150 shops, eateries, and services, is the biggest retail mall in Guelph. You will undoubtedly find what you’re searching for here, whether it is in fashion, technology, home goods, or beauty products.

With more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students from different countries enrolled at the University of Guelph, the student body is varied. A wide range of academic and research facilities, athletic facilities, student housing, and a number of clubs and services for students are all located on the campus. Just 5 kilometres away, in a handy location, lies Marquis Modern Towns.

Bus services are provided by Guelph Transit throughout the entire city, and some lines pass by Marquis Modern Towns. The bus system offers reasonable fares for commuters and runs on a regular schedule. The city is also working to create a rapid transit system that will offer quicker and more effective bus service along important corridors. Guelph is easily accessible by vehicle thanks to its good highway and thoroughfare connections.


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    Starting from$500000
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