The site is located just northwest of the North Toronto Station, at the northwest corner of Yonge Street and Birch Avenue. It has been improved with a series of three buildings that have retail at grade and rental apartments above. This 0.26 acre site can accommodate a mid-rise building and can developed as a condominium, rental apartment, office building or boutique hotel.

This high-end condo construction is sure to energise and revitalise this Toronto neighbourhood.
Woodcliffe Landmark Properties’ Yonge & Birch Condos is a new mid-rise mixed-use condominium in Toronto. This 14-story pre-construction project with 59 compact units and commercial space will be located at 1196 Yonge Street in the wealthy Summerhill neighbourhood, on the junction of Yonge St. and Birch Ave.

There are 13 one-bedroom units, 36 two-bedroom rooms, and 10 three-bedroom suites available. The units will range in size from 721 square feet to 2,467 square feet on average.


Yonge and Birch Condos will be a prestigious condominium with enough residential units as well as eight rental replacement units. It will also have 200 square metres of commercial space, with two retail units bisected by a residential lobby entry centrally positioned along Yonge Street for residents and locals.

A three-level underground parking garage with 105 parking spaces located below grade and will be operated by an automatic parking system. Seven visiting spots and 61 resident spaces on the mezzanine level, as well as four retail spaces along the access lane, total 72 bicycle parking spaces are envisaged.

This condo will have enough amenity areas throughout to improve the quality of life of its residents. On the third level, a tiny interior area will house unnamed indoor amenity space that is adjacent to a terrace overlooking Yonge Street.


Residents will be able to socialise or relax in their own personal space on the terrace. On the mechanical/amenity penthouse level, there is a larger amenity area with views to the south and west, as well as extra indoor and outdoor facilities. A party room, entertainment room, cinema lounge, pool and sauna, yoga room, and pet-friendly amenities are just a few of the indoor amenities that future residents will undoubtedly love.

Each home apartment will include bright, contemporary designs and layouts to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Each unit will also have a wide balcony or patio with beautiful views of the Summerhill neighbourhood.

The building shape on Yonge Street heavily articulated from the ground to the 11th level.