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Wallaceton - Home. Where green and gold fields stretch towards the sky and roll over the horizon. The sun is warm, the moon is bright, traditions run deep, neighbours are known and visitors welcomed. Where yesterday's treasured and tomorrow's revered.

This is Wallaceton. Your legacy starts here.



There's an old house in Wallaceton. It's made of large stones and ample mortar and its gables reflect the work of a gifted carpenter. Its architecture has earned the house heritage status. That's why it's still here, but that's not why it's important. This house has a story.

The house was built in 1870 by a farmer named John Wallace. It was built by hand and seems to bare a striking resemblance to its builder. Its large, cut stones and intricate gables indicate a hardworking, imaginative man. Its warm interiors and timeworn floorboards indicate a charismatic host.

John Wallace's door was always open, for years he boarded teachers from a nearby school, and when the community gathered, it gathered here.

The house is a testament to hard work, open arms and lives well lived. And the door is still open.


Upon entering Wallaceton you'll come down a hill. At the bottom you'll see a sprawling park lined with beautiful homes. If you come down the hill when it's warm, you'll find people and books spread lazily across picnic blankets. If you come when it's cold, you'll see snowmen waiting patiently for their builders to find them noses.

With all of your desired community amenities at your front door, Wallaceton's master-planned community design makes it the perfect place to call home. Spend a little time exploring the quiet trails and parkettes, or the boutiques and eateries of its bustling town centre, or spend some time outdoors at Kitchener's largest sports facility, RBJ Schlegel Park, located across the street and you'll start to see the picture.

Wallaceton's picturesque greenspaces, animated commercial centre and proximity to downtown Kitchener creates an impression all its own. And yours to build on.


1 Chicopee
2 Victoria Park
3 McLennan Park
4 Budd Park Soccer Fields
5 Huron Natural Area & Trails
6 Iron Horse Trail
7 RBJ Schlegel Park


8 Conestoga College
9 University of Waterloo
10 Wilfrid Laurier University
11 Jean Steckle Public School
12 St. Timothy Catholic School
13 St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School
14 Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate
15 Huron Height Secondary School
16 Williamsburg Public School


17 The Walper Hotel
18 State & Main
19 Moxies
20 Jack Astors
21 Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters
22 The Williamsburg Arms
23 Edelweiss Tavern
24 Rustic Slice Pizzeria
25 Lisboa Bakery & Grill


26 Via Rail / GO Transit Station
27 LRT Downtown Hub


28 Centre in the Square
29 The Aud
30 Waterloo Region Museum
31 Doon Valley Golf Course
32 Fairview Park Mall
33 Kitchener Public Library
34 Sportsworld Crossing
35 Zehrs
36 Costco
37 Sobeys
38 Food Basics
39 FreshCo


40 City Hall
41 Clock Tower in Victoria Park
42 Market Square
43 The Tannery


44 RBC
45 Meridian
47 TD Bank
48 Libro Financial
49 Scotia Bank



Downtown Kitchener is just North of Wallaceton. Restaurants, independent coffee shops and locally owned boutiques: if you need something you can't get from a neighbour, you'll find it here.

The Kitchener Market will provide you with fresh produce, seasonal flowers and an assortment of delicious artisanal goods. The lush and sprawling grounds of Victoria Park will take you back in time with educational historical monuments, families of hungry ducks and soaring, century old trees. And the Aud, Kitchener's favourite gathering place, is a place to make memories, whether you're cheering with the Kitchener Rangers fan club or singing along with your favourite band.

Explore the city with the brand new ION rapid transit system, skip the traffic and catch the GO train to Toronto or book your next Montreal getaway at the VIA train station all are located in the heart of downtown. Enjoy the outdoors, improving your swing at the Doon Valley Golf Course, one of Southwestern Ontario's most popular fairways or hiking through the 250-acre Huron Natural Area and Strasburg Creek. Spark your interest by visiting the Waterloo Region Museum or taking a night class at the renowned campuses of the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College all are yours to choose from.

Kitchener has charms both clear and hidden. It's a city that rewards the curious.

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